Science and technology is the first productive force and the driving force of enterprise development. Over the years, Huali Group has always
 adhered to the development concept of "science and technology change the future, innovation creates brilliance", constantly expanding the
 technological strength of enterprises, putting innovation in an important position of strategic development, and striving to make the company
 maintain steady development in the fierce market competition

Our Research Center

         Huali Group organically combines technology introduction, technology development, technology transformation and other links, and successively establishes a motor R&D center with Shanghai Institute of Electrical Science; a Huali Dalian R&D center in Dalian; and has its own research and development institution, which was recognized as Shandong Province-level enterprise technology center in 2003, and again in 2004. The Provincial Science and Technology Commission has been recognized as the Engineering and Technology Research Center of Shandong Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor. Powerful scientific research and development force makes Huali always stand at the forefront of domestic motor information technology

Constantly innovative product structure

        Product innovation is the source of enterprise life. Faced with the different needs of customers, the company constantly adjusts the product structure, and solidly promotes the development of new products. Through the implementation of the strategy of "turning small into big, turning special", the company has formed a development pattern with large and special motors as the support, high voltage, high efficiency and high value-added motor products as the lead

Testing and testing equipment

        My company has excellent motor testing and testing equipment, with two testing centers of metrology, physics and chemistry, and whole machine testing, to ensure that the company's products meet the needs of customers.Modern production process

                                                                                 Modern production process

       Enterprises have modern production equipment and assembly lines, scientific process layout, good production environment, strict on-site management, so that the company has always maintained a stable motor production and manufacturing technology.


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